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Statement of Faith


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Vida Nueva is an ecumenical Christian retreat weekend and movement. It encourages teenagers to commit their lives to Jesus Christ and to live as Christian Leaders in their home, church, schools, etc.

Vida Nueva ...

... is Spanish for "New Life".

... is a three-day weekend retreat spanning Friday evening through Sunday evening.

... is a weekend of living in community.

... embodies personal witness, but is not a revival meeting.

... involves group dynamics, but is not group therapy.

... employs Christian instruction, but is not a church school.

... does have follow-up activities, but is not a church substitute.

... is an experience with Jesus Christ.


About the Weekend

The Vida Nueva weekend contains a series of talks given by a volunteer team of clergy, youth, and adults. The talks follow the basic themes of Christianity in its day-to-day application, and are followed by table discussions.

Worship during the weekend is in the Protestant tradition.

Young men and women from age 15 to 20 may attend.


History of Vida Nueva


The first Vida Nueva weekend was held in 1976, in Newburgh New York.  The Mid-Hudson Vida Nueva community has helped other communities to set up and run their own Vida Nueva Weekends and has allowed those communities to use the name of Vida Nueva. From Mid-Hudson, VN communities were formed in the Pacific Rim, Europe and Maine.

In the mid-1980's God laid a burden on the hearts of several people in the North Georgia Tres Dias community to start a weekend program for teenagers.  From this burden, and with the assistance of the Emmaus, TEC, and Chrysallis communities, under the permission from Mid-Hudson Vida Nueva came North Georgia Vida Nueva.  

The first weekends were held in November of 1990 at the Church of God Campground in Doraville (Atlanta) Georgia.

From that seed, communities have also formed throughout the United States and in Ukraine and Jamaica.   For a list of VN Communities, click on the Community Location above.

For further information about Vida Nueva, contact info@vidanueva.net