History of Vida Nueva



The first Vida Nueva weekend was held in 1976, in Newburgh New York.  The Mid-Hudson Vida Nueva community has helped other communities to set up and run their own Vida Nueva Weekends and has allowed those communities to use the name of Vida Nueva. From Mid-Hudson, VN communities were formed in the Pacific Rim, Europe and Maine.

In the mid-1980's God laid a burden on the hearts of several people in the North Georgia Tres Dias community to start a weekend program for teenagers.  From this burden, and with the assistance of the Emmaus, TEC, and Chrysallis communities, under the permission from Mid-Hudson Vida Nueva came North Georgia Vida Nueva.  

The first weekends were held in November of 1990 at the Church of God Campground in Doraville (Atlanta) Georgia.

From that seed, communities have also formed throughout the United States and in Ukraine and Jamaica.   



















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