Vida Nueva

A Weekend For Teens


2022 All Community Meeting

June 10-11, 2022

The Vida Nueva International Executive Council would like to invite representatives from all Vida Nueva Communities to the 2022 All Community meeting.  While all communities are invited to participate, we will be focusing on the "Southern model".
The current tentative agenda for the meeting is:
Friday, June 10  
5:00-7:00pm Arrival and Registration.  Dinner will be provided.
7:00pm Individual/Community Introductions
  Purpose and goals of meeting
  Community status updates
10:00pm Chapel/Communion
10:45pm Bed time and free time for night owls
Saturday, June 11  
7:30am Rise and try to shine
8:30am Fellowship/Coffee/Breakfast
9:00am Praise and Worship in Chapel
9:30am History of Vida Nueva
  Essentials Training
  Community Agreements
  Sponsorship and Fourth Day Activities
12:00pm Lunch
12:30pm Talk Progression and Purpose
  Spiritual Director Requirements and Roles
  Fourth Day Involvement
  Potential Spiritual Director break-out session
  Requirements for Team Leadership
  Potential Legal Issues
5:00pm Review Action Items/Adjourn
  Every effort will be made to end on time, but be prepared to run a little late.
If you have comments or suggestions about the agenda or do not see a category that you would like covered, let us know at